Billy Wirasnik: Director, Sound Wizard, Thought-leader

Billy Wirasnik is a sound designer for film, radio, and interactive media based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Wirasnik was the sound director of the Peabody award winning interactive documentary HOLLOW. He is a fervent collector of sound, capturing the sounds of nature, urban soundscapes, dusty 45s, and forgotten instruments wherever he travels. Wirasnik is a dedicated advocate for sound in new media and in the future of storytelling.

SLO is the result of his interest in combining natural aural aesthetics and observational film, creating space in media for reflection, activity and critical thought.


  • Audio is key to passive immersion
  • Do not fight for people’s attention
  • Instill the feeling of the present
  • Be an honest reflection of an experience
  • Practice the art of passive immersion
  • Allow for social engagement and participatory viewership

Elaine Sheldon: Producer, Outreach Coordinator, Contributing Filmmaker

Sheldon is a documentary filmmaker and visual journalist. Sheldon’s feature-length and short films have screened nationally and internationally at the New York Film Festival, the American Museum of Natural History and International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam. Her most recent project, HOLLOW: an interactive documentary, examines the future of rural America through the eyes and voices of Appalachians. HOLLOW has received recognition from the Peabody Awards, World Press Photo, SXSW, Online News Association and is a 2014 Emmy nominee. In 2013, Filmmaker Magazine named Sheldon one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film. 

Emily Ferrier:  Social Media Coordinator, Project manager, contributing filmmaker

Emily first started slowing down in the kitchen. After work and in need of a way to unwind from the day she took an interest in procuring and cooking local food and learning about food systems. For several years she blogged about food and put her formal photography training to use to document the learning process in the kitchen and travel adventures. Emily's interest in slowness naturally spread into creative endeavors behind a camera. Her formal training as a librarian and researcher helps Slo stay organized and on task. Emily spreads the Slo vision into the ether and produces video focused on natural and meandering flora and fauna.