Follow #everydayslo in January with our second featured artist:

Matt Relstab

Over the next month  #everydayslo  will feature a series of short vignettes and perspective shifting experiments with slow imagery by our good friend Matt Relstab. I love Matt's work for the way that it showcases that slow media and slow filmmaking does not always need to be documentary or 'real' in nature. It can be surreal, it can be beautiful and it can reveal something unique to each viewer when watching one place or one thing change slowly over time.

The train station, the sidewalk by your house, your coffee shop; Although you’ve walked through these places day after day, how familiar are you with them? Could you recognize these places in a different light, from a different angle, at a different time? This series takes familiar locations and presents them in abstract and disorienting ways by changing the perspective in which the audience views them. It calls attention to common surroundings instead of mindlessly passing through them.

Using double exposure and bad Photoshop filters as inspiration, windows, water and walls were used to filter, distort and crop, making what is commonplace into something strange and surreal. For example, shooting through several windows was used to create the double exposure effect without having to process the images in post. These scenes are accessible to the viewer in real time, but are rarely consumed.

-Matt Relstab


Matt Relstab is a Media Producer based in Boston, MA specializing in photography, sound and lighting. His passion is organizing engaging images and sounds.

Visit his website .

He makes music with Let's Wait and mostly silly shorts with Pica Films - I recommend checking them both out!

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