We will be in Miami starting tomorrow!

Saturday the 20th, Billy is hosting a workshop: Sound for the New Media Frontier.

This event is especially exciting because in addition to talking to participants about sound in interactive media projects, participants  will contribute to an interactive exhibit that will be unveiled later in the week.

(DIS)LOCATE will be part of the interactive installations at the FILMGATE Interactive Conference taking place at the Deauville Beach Resort February 26-28. 

This observational, interactive exhibit explores our relationship with media and challenges how we consume content in a group setting. It is a collaboration between participants of the Sound for the New Media Frontier workshop and creative technologists. During the festival, filmmakers will explore Miami from a slow and aural perspective. This exhibit stitches together their films in a room designed for relaxation, conversation and creative production.

The complete project team for (DIS)LOCATE is Emily Ferrier, Billy Wirasnik, Joey Pitzo (Dev), Jeff Soyk (UI/UX). Art direction and building from Karmel Sabri and Gabriel Tillet.

You can purchase tickets for the workshop on Eventbrite.

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