Slo @ CIFF

Camden presents an interesting slow opportunity for (DIS)Locate and slow filmmaking. The Miami installation reflected the slow but chaotic pace and interruptive nature of the city. Rather than the busy hustle and bustle of Miami, Camden is the quiet sounds of nature, power tools instead of sports cars, lakes and ponds instead of ocean beaches, modesty instead of glam. Much like Norway, where Slow TV is massively popular, rural Maine has a built in appreciation of time as it happens, living by the speed of nature, and observing the world minute by minute.  I'd like to make an installation that reflects these characteristics with the collaboration of local artists. I'd like to minimize distraction to empower observation and personal reflection to inspire meaningful conversation and ideas. 

This can be done with or without (DIS)Locate but must be done through slow filmmaking. 

Our Options:

  1. Workshop + (DIS)Locate
  2. Workshop + New Slow Film
  3. New Slow Film

The Installation

  • How is it different from Miami
    • Single screen (or duplicated multiple screens) experience with single controller
    • Focused and personal sound experience, distant and communal visual experience 
    • Preferably in a crowd setting rather than a private space
    • Focus on personal connection to media in a
  • Interactivity
    • Controller that allows changing of visual and swapping of sound
  • Budget

Overall needs

  • Housing, may go up before festival
  • Marketing materials


2016 (Interactive Installation, Filmgate Interactive Conference 2016)

This observational, interactive exhibit explores our relationship with media and challenges how we consume content. During the 2016 Filmgate Interactive Conference, filmmakers explored Miami from a slow and aural perspective. This exhibit stitched together their films in a room designed for relaxation, conversation and creative production.

The original installation allowed viewers to swap sounds and change visuals with a controller. These are Individual 15 minute films from the installation without alteration:

(DIS)Locate Budget

  • Back End Development (Joey Pitzo) - $500
    • Adjusting the experience for Camden, recoding a few things
  • Front End UX/UI and Experience Design (Jeff Soyk) - $250
    • Planning the space and UI tweaks to installation
  • Producer/Project Development (Emily Ferrier) $500
    • On the ground support for installation (and possibly workshop)
  • Director/Shooter (Me) $500
    • Stipend for filming and creating (Dis)Locate (Hopefully workshop can help out with rate)
  • Installation hardware and wiring $250
    • Station that holds controller and inductive speakers
  • TOTAL: $2000


  • Bought or borrowed
    • Intel NUC or other micro computer
    • projector
    • Zoom or other recorders for workshop attendees 
    • Liability insurance
    • Housing
  • What we have
    • Inductive sound reinforcement system
    • Custom controllers
    • GH4 Slow TV Rig
    • Professional Sound Mixing kit with an array of microphones and recorder

A Commissioned Slow Film

Another approach is to stay to traditional Slow TV and film an original long, observational film. This can still be a participatory project, not interactive however. Participants of the workshop can adhere to a theme and shoot vignettes to support a larger film. A great example of this is COLD HUDSON. The master shot is 6hrs long which is supported by smaller vignettes shot by other filmmakers.


2016 (6hr, UHD 4K, Unreleased, PBS October 2016)

A six hour journey via a Coast Guard ice breaker down the Hudson river on a frigid February day. A six hour master shot and four hour long vignettes let us meditate along New York's historic waterway on our relationship to nature. Filmed for broadcast and installation.  

Selects from the film:


  • Director/Shooter (Me) $500
  • Producer/Project Development (Emily Ferrier) $250
  • Production travel costs $250
  • TOTAL $1000

The Workshop (work in progress)

  • What we'll call it
    • Best practices for sound in new media
    • From production to launch: sound techniques for new media
    • Audio storytelling for slow and immersive media
    • Sound for the New Media Frontier (what i called it in Miami)
  • Day One
    • Recording Sound w/ hands on Microphone demo & field trip
      • What is stereo?
      • What is surround?
      • [Hands on] Test and listen different stereo methods
    • Importance of audio w/ web demos
      • Traditional demo (some doc stuff)
        • Manipulative editing through audio
      • Interactive documentary demo (hollow)
      • [Hands on] VR doc example w/ head tracking ambisonic audio
      • Slow TV example
    • (Dis)locate & Slow TV
      • Being part of the project
      • What and why is slow TV? What is verite?
      • Sound for slow TV
      • Patience in filmmaking
    • Practical Sound
      • Production sound techniques for doc filmmaking
        • lav placement, tools
        • monitoring, signal flow
        • booming
        • Ambiance pickup
      • Best practices for one man shooting and getting sound
      • Best cheap tools to buy or borrow
      • [Hands on] Set up an interview in the space
  • Day Two 
    • Make a film!
      • Team up and film a Slow film or doc
      • Use what we learned to make a great sounding film
      • Half day to shoot, other half to edit, review
  • Who should be attending
    • LOVE the highschool idea
    • Anyone in or entering the doc field
    • Single person shooters
  • Partnerships
    • Local rental house?

Some more Slow TV for you if you haven't had enough:


2015-2016 (60 min episodes, made for CCTV)

Scenery channel is an observational Slow TV program that patiently explores our earthly surroundings. Each one-take episode brings a global park bench to the comfort of your living room. Viewers may discover new details of everyday life from a shop in Chinatown, treat insomnia with an exotic sunrise, or finish a term paper in a vast library. Let Scenery Channel be the visual ambiance for your life.

Thanks for reading and watching! Hope you have a slow day :)