2017 (7hr, UHD 4K, PBS WLIW)

A six hour journey via a Coast Guard ice breaker down the Hudson river on a frigid February day. A six hour master shot and four hour long vignettes let us meditate on our relationship to nature while we meander along New York's historic waterway. Filmed for broadcast and installation.  

Selects from the film:

Over the past 6 years, Slow TV has gained momentum as a new and different way to air content. Public Broadcasters have led the charge starting with NRK in 2009 (Bergensbanen – minutt for minutt, Norway), France 4 in 2013 (Tokyo Reverse) and a slew of new titles on BBC (BBC Goes Slow). This new broadcast medium allows viewers to patiently explore a place in real time through long form observational films.

How do we watch Slow TV? We don't. More accurately, we watch sometimes but always listen. Think of a beach, being on a train or sitting around a campfire. All of these situations offer us something beautiful to look at but also surround us in a lush soundscape. When ambient sound is the subject, as it is in Cold Hudson, we gain a forum for creative discussion and a fertile landscape for imagination. 




2015-2016 (60 min episodes, made for CCTV)

Scenery channel is an observational Slow TV program that patiently explores our earthly surroundings. Each one-take episode brings a global park bench to the comfort of your living room. Viewers may discover new details of everyday life from a shop in Chinatown, treat insomnia with an exotic sunrise, or finish a term paper in a vast library. Let Scenery Channel be the visual ambiance for your life.


2016 (Interactive Installation, Filmgate Interactive Conference 2016, Camden International Film Festival)

This observational, interactive exhibit explores our relationship with media and challenges how we consume content. During the 2016 Filmgate Interactive Conference, filmmakers explored Miami from a slow and aural perspective. This exhibit stitched together their films in a room designed for relaxation, conversation and creative production.

The original installation allowed viewers to swap sounds and change visuals with a controller. These are Individual 15 minute films from the installation without alteration: