We're currently accepting contributions to our @EverydaySlo series, where we feature a filmmaker's slow and cinematic moments. We seek to experience your interesting observations, angles, places and perspectives. Our challenge to you: show us a place, document a person, demonstrate a theme or allow us to escape in your seemingly mundane moments with only three images at a time. Each filmmaker must contribute at least 15 slo moments that can be distributed in a five-part series.

We're open to any topic or idea but there are some rules:

  • Everyday Slo moments must be a still frame (preferably locked onto tripod) and not a moving frame.
  • Action in the frame is preferred (bonus points if it's subtle and/or surprising).
  • High-quality, natural sound must accompany the clip (no music unless it's in-scene).


To be considered as a contributor, fill out the form below.

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